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Classes in all facets of art glass are conducted in our studio area on a regular basis, from a six week course in basic stained glass construction to weekend workshops. We are fortunate to provide talented in house and guest instructors with expertise in select areas to augment our knowledgeable staff of professionals.

Detailed calendar of events, classes and special guests

Beginning Course

A beginning course to instruct the novice in basic stained glass techniques. This six week course meets once per week on Saturday morning, and each session is designed to teach the student a different step in the stained glass process. At the end of the course, the student has completed a stained glass panel, and is fully capable of making windows on their own.

Sand carving, Etching,
Intricate foil techniques, and
Tiffany lamp construction

For the advanced student, we offer further instruction including such methods as sand carving and etching, intricate foil techniques, and Tiffany lamp construction. We call this course Independent Studies, for it allows students to integrate various glass working techniques.

Mosaic Glass ArtMosaic Glass Art
Cast a garden stepping stone and learn how to make lamps, votives and decorative tableware. A great way to use up your scrap glass!
includes everything but glass.

Kiln fired Hot Glass Class
This extensive course covers fusing, slumping, torch work stringers, the use of frits and enamels, and patte de vere(mold making and casting).

Seasonal Workshops
Offered in a 1 to 2 day format.
Brush up on your skills while
making various holiday items.
Our mailer will keep you informed of dates and times.

Torch Work Beads
Beginning, intermediate, and advanced bead classes are held on a regular basis, including workshops featuring world renowned artists.

To maximize individualized instruction, class size is limited to ten students. If you have an interest in learning any of the above mentioned art forms, please refer to our online classes calendar and sign up by calling 559.486.5480.

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