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Scarab Glass works specialiazed in the restoration of stained glass windows. View a sampling of our work below.

San Clemente Mission | view photos
In 1994 the San Clemente Mission in Bakersfield California was

Kerman: "St. Patricks" | view photos

A series of 10 windows an ventilator panels were relocated to a new site. Scarab's crew restored and joined each 3'x7' panel with it's accompanying ventilator panel as one unit. This necissitated adding glass that matched the antique colors and textures of the 50+ year old panels. The most challenging part of the job was to create fired glass grisailles work which had to match the original artists colors and brush stroke techniques.

St. James| view photos

Easton Presbyterian| view photos

"A total of 10 windows were restored which entailed correcting the usual problems with aging leaded glass; bowing, broken pieces, disintegrating lead, paint overspray, disattached rebars, and general poor previous repair. The most challenging of these was the 7' circular "Gethsame". It was carefully removed from its installation, dismantled, reglazed, and installed.

Reconfiguration: from warrior heads & spears to classical stained glass designs

| view photos
To make way for new church construction, an old church was demolished, antique stained glass windows included. One church member was wise enough to save some painted pieces from finding the dumpster.
The "before" photo is the first attempt, by another studio, to reasseble these pieces. The unfortunate result is apparent.
The "after" photo is Scarab's version, using period glass and design elements.

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