Scarab Glass Works
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Scarab Glass Works was created in 1976 by Susanne and Brad Clarke in Fresno, Ca. and presently occupies a 6,500 square foot building in downtown Fresno.

The showroom floor is devoted to glass supplies and products for the artisan and trade. The storefront is adorned with decorative works and a vast array of stained glass. We feature over three hundred colors and textures from the U.S. and Europe as well as a professional selection of tools, books, bevels, and other items related to art glass design and creation.

The central section of the building is dedicated to the design, construction and restoration of art glass panels. This area includes an advanced abrasive glass carving booth, large light tables, computer controlled kilns, beveling station, and other equipment necessary to create, fabricate, or repair most any art glass creation.
Studio hours are 9am-4pm, Tuesday through Saturday.
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